Websites for Nonprofits

We can help forward-thinking organisations to engage meaningfully with stakeholders and reach out to new audiences.

Membership Organisations

Many non-profit organisation need to manage and engage with their supporters, members and stakeholders. We can help with deployment of a CRM system to manage contacts and engagement.

Events and Activities

Manage bookings for workshops and conferences, publish speaker schedules and 'check-in' of attendees


Coordinate membership subscriptions, fundraising campaigns and online donations.

Team Collaboration and Project Management.

Private intranets for managing tasks, documents, calendars and internal communications.

Introducing Drupal

Our tool of choice, Drupal, is an open-source web platform built especially for online content, community and ecommerce applications. In a nutshell this means that you, the site owner, can update the website yourself.

The long play version is that Drupal allows for complex applications and processes to be integrated together in a modular way, such that virtually any kind of advanced website can be created.

Being open-source software means that it is developed and maintained by a massive global community and is constantly being improved in line with the latest developments in technology. Along with many others, open-source software is championed by Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft.

The Drupal community spans the globe and self-organises developer conferences, code sprints and local meetups. Indeed Paul Driver, proprietor of is co-founder of Drupal Yorkshire which meets every month in Leeds.

Drupal is used by many technology companies, a majority of universities and a fast growing number of local authorities and government departments here in the UK

Some well known names using Drupal include the BBC, Ofsted, TES, The White House, Lush Cosmetics, Cartier, Travelodge, Sony BMG, Warner Brothers, Greenpeace, Oxfam, as well as both Oxford and Cambrdge Universities. 

Heck, even some competing ecommerce systems also use Drupal.

Need a website?

Please use the contact form to get in touch or telephone Paul Driver on 01943 600249 or 07718 782828