Drupal Camp London 2015

The third London Drupal Camp took place over the weekend and once again I was lucky enough to get there.

Opening the show was Dr Sue Black who presented the Saturday morning keynote. Dr Black was a latecomer to higher education having started a family at quite a young age and in her late twenties was accepted to study computer science at South Bank University.

Later in her career, along with a small army of Twitter supporters including Stephen Fry, she became influential in preventing the closure of Bletchley Park, home of Britain's wartime cryptology effort and the people who cracked the German enigma code. It was a fascinating and inspirational talk which got the camp off to a great start.

Over morning coffee I studied the program and whilst many of the presentations were focussing on the upcoming Drupal 8 release, I chose to absorb myself mainly with some of the frontend topics which have been occupying much of my time recently. 

For me, the most interesting session was led by the team at Miggle who talked about work they had undertaken for Spidernet in building a 'site factory' for car dealers on the Aegir platform. This resonated with my interests in maintaining the network of school websites which have become such an important part of my business.

In the evening we headed off to the Slaughtered Lamb for more networking and opportunity to chat with others at the conference over some very refreshing craft beers which had generously been provided by one of the event sponsors. 

Don't miss the video above to get a flavor of this excellent conference


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