We've Been Busy Rebranding Ourselves

Long-time customers will know us as Primal Web Design. Our graphic designer Andy Passmore came up with the idea and I liked it immediately; it sounded edgy and experts told us that it came across as a strong brand.

Andy worked on the artwork and came up with the pre-historic cave painting theme for the Primal logo. It looked great and even though the font was called 'Murder', people seemed to like it and we started to win our first web design customers.

Over time and quite by accident we found ourselves doing an increasing amount of work with North Yorkshire primary schools and it was felt that we needed another style which appealed more to this niche. The school website business is quite a crowded sector and for marketing reasons, including SEO and tradeshows, we wanted something more direct and to the point. The result was called GreatSchoolWebsites.com

Great School Websites worked well in search engine rankings and left tradeshow visitors in no doubt about what we did. We accomplished what was intended, but I had to admit that it had a slightly generic sound about it and in a graphical sense, GreatSchoolWebsites was sometimes too long. It looked great on a banner, but could be a problem when used elsewhere, as a logo for example.

Great School Websites Logo

For the schools, we have a great product and also provide on-site training for school staff. Through word of mouth and recommendation, the school work seems to find us fairly easily, but I am not one for having all my eggs in one basket and where schools are concerned, the flow of business is a bit seasonal and can be subject to annual budget constraints. This has got me thinking again about marketing and exploring other ways to attract customers.

For many years in my earlier career, I successfully operated Computer Fairs all over the UK. In the early days, to advertise these events we would pay for ads in computer magazines, newspapers and on local radio. A little later the internet arrived and it is here where I learned about web design and email marketing. However, the most effective advertising that we ever used were outdoor billboards. These gave the biggest bang for the buck and always worked, every time.

I have recently taken office space in the centre of Ilkley. The roadside premises has a shopfront location on the very busy A65, it also came with billboard signage on an outside wall. I didn't need to think about it long before taking the plunge and signing the lease.

Time for another (and hopefully final) rebrand. I needed a unique name that would appeal to different client groups; that would work well on the signage locations; that sounds and looks friendly and ideally one that nobody else is using.

The answe​r my friends is easable

Easable Logo


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